Lift ERP

The LiftERP Ecosystem

  • Order Management - Estimate, quote, and place orders effortlessly. Customers can place orders from their mobile device, or from any computer with an Internet Browser. Manage thousands of orders easily from anywhere in the world.
  • PDF Preflight - Built on top of industry leader Callas PDF Toolbox, Lift allows your team to quickly identify and fix PDF problems using the Lift PDF correction viewer. Clients view and approve proofs online, Rip files are sent to your printing presses.
  • Print Manufacturing - Streamline production with a fully customizable workflow for any print manufacturing environments. Optimally route work to printing presses and shop floor stations, and automatically generate optimal packaging options for print products.
  • Customer Management - Your clients all have different needs, and Lift is here to help. Manage customer requests, and setup a variety of preferences so that your client's can interact and order in the way that works best for them.
  • Invoice Management - Intuitive accounting tools to manage billing, and provide easy options for your customers to review and pay their invoices. Financials are easily imported into popular accounting software such as Quickbooks, and the Lift team can also provide interfaces into any financial package you choose.
  • Notifications - Proofs are ready to be approved? Your client's critical order was just delivered? Lift notifies you and your clients immediately, with beautifully branded emails and instant push notifications to mobile devices.
  • Purchasing Mangement - Create and manage purchase orders, vendors, and materials. Easy to use receiving screens and automated inventory management helps you ensure that you’re always in stock.
  • Inventory Management - LiftERP understands the nuance of print materials. As inventory is consumed, waste is properly accounted for, providing you with accurate costing, estimating, and useful replenishment forecasts.

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