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Here Is What Our Customers Are Saying

"I have been a production director for over 8 years and have placed production orders in numerous ways. Once we implemented LIFT as our ordering system it has saved my team so much time. We are able to place orders in seconds by selecting items from a catalog and checking job status/shipping instantaneously. Not to mention it has made training new hires so much easier because all our products/materials are listed in one spot for them to place orders. I have only had positive experiences since we have implemented this software."

Angie B.
 Director Of Print Production

"THIS is why I love LIFT. Six proofs in under an hour! This is a huge advantage over other printers, and something I can confidently use as a sales tool."

Jamie C.
 Director Of Sales
 Paction Printing

"Lift is truly one of a handful of resources I would not be able to do my job without. I use Lift to organize my pending projects, to access artwork remotely, and to quickly reference and save proofs for clients, inventory teams, and internal references. I have worked with other systems designed to create "print tickets" but this is the most organized and informative of all the programs I have worked with. Within minutes of creating a job, anyone with access to Lift can check the status and download art files. When I'm really busy, narrowing down the 'Advanced Search' screen helps me to stay organized as I can narrow down my search to what's pending and what needs client approval. It is truly an asset to my position and to production on a whole."

Stephanie F. 
 Production Coordinator

"I find Lift to be very user friendly, which being new to my field, I really appreciate. Lift was very easy to grasp, and is organized in a very eye pleasing fashion. I like that when you select a market, all the possible options of print come up. I also really like that you can search by simply writing "king" or "30x144". I think the best feature of Lift is the advanced search section, where you can clearly see all jobs, and their status. All in all, I enjoy using Lift everyday, and it doesn't give me a headache like other sites I've used in the past."

Halley D. 
 Production Coordinator

"Lift is my #1 resource for seeking information on previous print jobs as well as quickly inputting new orders. I love how I can easily access Lift 24/7 from any web browser on my computer, iPad and iPhone. In this current world where instant gratification is becoming the ‘norm’, Lift is a powerful tool to appease customer demands."

Lana M. 
 Account Manager
 Larger Than Life

"I like the fact that it eliminates a lot of “paper chasing”. Meaning, you do not have to go find job folders around the shop when changes to an order are made, It saves a lot of time from that aspect. You also don’t have to print a bunch of paperwork for a job folder (PO’s, specs, maps, etc). All the information you need is always incorporated into lift, which can be accessed from anywhere. Also, the fact that you have catalogs in Lift, makes things go much faster when clients re-order the same jobs over and over. Just overall saves us a lot of time."

Dan F. 
 Art Director
 Larger Than Life

"I do a lot of wraps that are duplicates of older jobs so I'm a big fan of the reorder button, and it only takes about 1 min to get these orders entered. It saves a ton of time. I also like when proofing when we hit the process button it automatically sends out the proof emails to clients. And over all its nice seeing what jobs need to be proofed and what jobs need to be ripped, instead of looking at a pile of folders in a bin. Its also very easy to see where we are in production with jobs, and to track the shipping."

Noah G. 
 Larger Than Life

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